In the three-thousand-year history of Myanmar, the largest-ever contribution has been taken place.

There used to be an economically difficult time for the Myanmar Buddhism and temples; some temples had no choice but to let go of their Buddha statues that were valuable as national treasures, and those statues were in danger of being drained off to the outside of the country of Myanmar.

Mr. Katsuyuki Kumano, Chairman of Japan Myanmar Cross Link Association, felt distress at this matter that even though more than 80% of the Myanmar nationality was Buddhist, the people might lose a large amount of Buddha statues with high cultural values, in which they had the strength of their heart. Given this factor, Chairman Kumano, started to collect some of those Buddha statues that were in danger of being drained off by use of his own funds to protect; since then, the valuable Buddha statues that were once drained off were sent to him by temples from various locations.

Chairman Kumano purchased Buddha statues for more than 6 years for protecting them; as a result, he collected in excess of 300 Buddha statues with high cultural values and worth as national treasures.

October 18th, 2012
All of those 300 Buddha statues were donated to AungZabutawya Temple located in Mawbi Township of Yangon city in Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

This video is a very rare footage of that Monseigneur Panaunta was thanking Chairman Kumano and preaching to the audience at the presentation ceremony for the 300 Buddha statues, donated to the AungZabutawya Temple.

The news of the presentation ceremony attracted a number of diligent Buddhists to attend the ceremony.

This event was reported by the Myanmar state-run broadcast (MNTV): on October 19th, it was broadcasted as the lead story of a news program with special topic, “The Largest-ever Contribution in the Three-thousand-year History of Myanmar”, at 7 o’clock night, and on a thirty-minute special program.

Nowadays, accompanied by the Myanmar’s democratization, there is a talk of investment to Myanmar by foreign countries.
Myanmar is becoming affluent; at the same time, it can be our, Japanese’s, pride that there is a Japanese man (Kumano Katsuyuki, Chairman of Japan Myanmar Cross Link Association), who holds up the spirit of the Myanmarese citizen as well as historically and culturally valuable Buddhist arts and heritages in Myanmar.